Camel Blanket Plaid Pullover

I know you all know what I'm talking about when I say...almost time to get the snuggy out or maybe you already have yours out, right?  Well now your pup can have a snuggy too.  This adorable classic Camel Blanket Plaid Pullover is just the thing to keep your babies warm and cuddly, indoors just like yours does for you, or outdoors for all the activities you do with your pups..

Made with super soft anti pill fleece, this will be so comfy for your pups, plus it can easily be machine washed on a gentle cycle and warm water.

This made in the U.S.A. Camel Blanket Plaid Pullover can be found on where you will find a size chart to help you buy the perfect fit for your one or two or maybe more loved ones...however many you have, all pups are gonna love it.

While  Read More......

Holiday Red Dog Sweater

This is the perfect little sweater not only for the holidays but for all the cooler chillier months after that...because it's a solid red color without all the reindeer, snowflakes, santas...well you get the idea, all over it.  This beautiful Holiday Red Dog Sweater, I found at and is a solid red that will look great on all white, black, brown or spotted dog, cause red is just a color that compliments all of the above, even a rusty reddish pup will be the envy of all his or her friends when wearing it out on a play date,  playing at a doggy park or just going for a walk with his or her pet parents!

The sweater is made of heavy duty Reknitz 75% cotton and 25% acrylic, but with no acrylic dyes.  It is machince washable and you can machine dry on low  Read More......

Halloween Cat Bandana

Okay, it's not to late to pick up a little something for your kitty or small doggy for that matter, to wear on Halloween, that will not break the bank, but still be an adorable accessory for your babies.

This cute little Halloween Cat Bandana is something I found on Etsy at Dog and Cat World.  Perfect for the kitties who don't want to dress up too much, but will at least agree to wear a Bandana.

This 5 1/2" by 5 1/2" size cotton Bandana for the low price of $5.00,  has an orange backround with Halloween design (Halloween patterns may vary slighty), is handmade in the USA.  It conveniently slips right over the cats head and collar with no muss or fuss...perfect for our little friends.  It may not be Haute Couture,  but it is certainly Haute cou-cute-cute-cute and no doubt will get  Read More......

Flytes of Fancy Pumpkin Dog Costume

There's still plenty of time to get a great costume in Pumpkin motif if your planing on having a Halloween party or going to one or just taking the pup out Trick or Treating or just struuting along in any pet friendly store.  I found this cutie costume that you might want to consiider.

This adorable Flytes of Fancy Pumpkin Dog Costume for the little guy or gal is easy an simple for your pet to wear while still looking like a Pumpkin and perhaps feeling like a Pumpkin for a day.  There's no denying your buddy will be a big hit anywhere he or she goes in this Pumpkin outfit.

Made in the U.S.A., of course, this orange Pumpkin outfit has a green felt stem and leaves with ear loops and ties, made for easy wearing.  The collar is orange on one side and green on the reversible side and  Read More......

Reknitz sweater

Crazy rainy and cool weather this past month or more.  I have two dogs, one will go outside in any kind of weather, rain, snow, thunder, lighting, name it and he'll go...but the other one is a whole lot more finicky and kinda like a "when the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with mars", before he'll go out, type of dog.  Doesn't like to get wet or cold, etc., etc., etc.. So this is for him and all the other finicky four-legged furry friends out there.

These pups on the left are wearing a Reknitz cotton dog sweaters that I found on at  These all year round, any type of weather sweaters are more than just stylish, they are also Eco-friendly and made of reclaimed cotton fibers and also proudly made in the USA...can't ask for much more than  Read More......

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