Pets Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

You don't have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. In fact you don't even have to be human. Your pets like to get into the crazy fun of things too.  Here are  a few pictures of furry four legged friends getting ready to put their Irish on.  All these pieces are easy and comfy for your doggie or kitty to where.

So either make if you have the time, or buy one or two of these items and get your babies ready for a fun St Patrick's Day.  These easy to wear hats, ties and bows and head gear can mostly be made or bought with cotton or felt fabric.  If you prefer just paint their nails for just the fun of it.   Don't forget to grab the camera and snap a few cute pics of your pets for the family album . 

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Eco-Friendly Pet Sweaters

It's gett​ing a little chilly out these days because winter is not far off , so we need  to be prepared.  Here are a few warm and snuggley  Eco-Friendly Pet Sweaters, hoody or jacket  that your babies will like, These just​​​ happen to be, really cute stuff that will work for either our pups or kitties because osome come in smaller sizes.  

Handmade Ragg Wool  Shawl   How cute will your pup look in this classic cable stictch sweater.  Handmade and eco-friendly your pup will be the envy of any doggie.

Chilly Dog Cable Knit Wool Dog Sweater  These eco-friendly dog sweaters are handmade in Peru by the Incas.  They families that knit these sweaters grow the wool and the dye is made from plant and fruit extracts.  perfect for both dogs and cats.

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Eco-Friendly Halloween Pet Costumes

No time for a DIY Halloween Costume for your pets...well don't worry there's plenty of them out there, some much more eco-friendly then others.  Below are six great looking Halloween costumes for our canine and feline babies.  One or two aren't perfectly eco-friendly because they are few and far between to find, but they are pretty darn close and all are made in the USA.  Afterall, it's just for a few hours, one day a year so let's just relax and enjoy the moment and have some fun with it.

  1. Bootiful Tank Dress  This adorable little number is perfect for either a dog or cat girls, because it comes in sizes XXS to L  But hurry if you want this one on time for the big day. Made with comfortable cotton and just a hint of lycra for a great fit.
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6 DIY Pet Halloween Costumes

I'm getting ready to make my own halloween costumes for our dogs. It's fun and can be easy (or not) depending on what type of costume you want to make.

I've put together a list of a few really adorable costumes that you can make with just a few items.

Easy & Comfy DIY Halloween Pet Costumes

  1. Howl-O-Hippie Dog Costume All that's needed is a small piece of fabric for bandana and leg wear.  Or, just the bandana is fine also.  If you can't find or don't have a piece sign get some colored oak tag at your local dollar store and cut some out.  They can be hot glued onto the scarf and by the way if you have an old tie die shirt that would be a perfect addition to this costume.
  2. Indian Cat Costume  This is a really cut outfit.  You'll find just about all your supplies in any craft  Read More......

Swimwear Doggie Diaper Wrap



With summer right around the corner we're probably checking out some new swimwear for ourselves for those wonderfuul pool days and wondering what to do about our pups.  Well wonder no more because here is something all dogs can wear in the pool,  especially if they love to pee or poop in it.   This Swimwear Doggie Diaper Wrap made by Sam's Dog Hut is the perfect swimwear diaper wrap for him or her.   The great part is that not only are these diapers wonderful for the pool but also great all year round for dogs who are incontinent, going through rehab or possibly hate to go outside to pee in the rain or snow, like miine.   What's more this unisex swimwear diaper wrap is not only machine washable but it's also eco-friendly and made in the USA. 

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