Washable Pee Piddle Pads

Okay, so this is not the most exciting topic to talk about, but it definitely is very important.  Here you have Wahable Pee Piddle Pads for all our boys and girls who are learning to go potty.   You will find these at Paws on Palm Beach.   Since we spend quite a bit of time grooming them to master this feat of going potty in the appropriate place, some training is defintiely required.

How you decide to do this is up to you, but let me give you a quick tip on how I trained my dogs.  Whether you walk your buddies or just let them out into your fenced in back yard...this will work. 

Here we go...set the timer on your microwave, (if you don't have a micro, any timer will do), for 60 minutes, when the bell goes off, walk your dog or let him or her out into the yard (I always said go  Read More......

What Odor

 If you have a litter box cat, which I'm sure lots of you out there in kittyland do, I know keeping cat odor out of the litter box and house in general, can be a very challenging job...been there done that.  I feel lots of people who love cats don't adopt them or even keep them for long, just for that reason...well let's try to remedy that, read on.

 It looks like "What Odor" made by What Products, may be just the right product for that cat odor challenge. This light, citrus-scented odor eliminating spray is made with 100 percent essential oils and water and is100% eco-friendly and so safe you can drink it.

 According to their experts, when you mix these together, it changes the molecular breakdown of the odor. It’s like a tiny experiment going on every time you spray.

 You  Read More......

Eco Dog Planet

Eco Dog Planet

Eco Dog Planet is using tapioca starch in the creation of new pet products. Their first product are Doggie Waste Bags made from a tapioca -derived film, which is a renewable resource and a NON-GMO crop.  There's no need to use plastic doggie pickup bags anymore.

Our first BarkBox

Our first BarkBox

So, I came across BarkBox about a month ago.  The idea is that you signup for a monthly delivery of a BarkBox that is filled with 4 carefully selected doggie  items.  But they're all a surpirse!  You never know what you're going to get. It's so fun!  Plus a portion of their proceeds are donated to local shelters/rescues.   Clearly I was hooked from the get-go.

Our first box arrived a few days ago and I was quite excited about it.  I used to do a Beauty Box (which I can't remember the name of) and it was alright, but I'm not really into beauty products.  Dog products on the otherhand, yes please.

 I'll be sitting here waiting for someone to start MeowBox any day now! :)

When the BarkBox arrives you will clearly see what it is before you even open it.  So if you need to hide it  Read More......

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