Cheat Sheet: Healthy, Safe Dental Products

The next cheat sheet is healthy and safe dental products for our pups.  We know healthy tartar free teeth and great smelling breath, make for a happy and healthier dog. 

As always we strive to find five great products that meet our criteria. 

With preventative care your dog will live a much healthier life.

The following products met our criteria of healthy ingredients made right here in the USA. 

We have however, found a really nice one that is made in Holland and it is listed at the end of cheat sheet.  We felt it was worth seeing. 

If you are using a product now to help insure healthy treeth, free of tartar and bad breath, please check out all the ingredients, one by one.  Some of these long names actually mean clorax or borax, which is very harmful to your pet and even  Read More......

Cheat Sheet: Doggy Wipes

Welcome to our new feature here on Tree Hugging Pets.  It's the Pick 5 Cheat Sheet!

What is the Pick 5 Cheat Sheet?

Our Pick 5 Cheat Sheet is a quick reference quide that will feature products that are eco-friendly, safe, healthy and/or organic. Products will include toys, foods, treats, chews, beds, outfits, blankets, shampoos, spritzes and the list goes on and on.    

Why only five?

We have chosen to feature only five of each product, because sometimes too many options can be overwhelming.  This way, we will be doing all the research for you and weeding out the one's that might not be the very best.  

How do we decide which is best?

There is no formula but we will only be listing the ones we feel fit into the following categories: eco-friendly, safe, organic, healthy  Read More......