Eco-Friendly Pet Sweaters

It's gett​ing a little chilly out these days because winter is not far off , so we need  to be prepared.  Here are a few warm and snuggley  Eco-Friendly Pet Sweaters, hoody or jacket  that your babies will like, These just​​​ happen to be, really cute stuff that will work for either our pups or kitties because osome come in smaller sizes.  

Handmade Ragg Wool  Shawl   How cute will your pup look in this classic cable stictch sweater.  Handmade and eco-friendly your pup will be the envy of any doggie.

Chilly Dog Cable Knit Wool Dog Sweater  These eco-friendly dog sweaters are handmade in Peru by the Incas.  They families that knit these sweaters grow the wool and the dye is made from plant and fruit extracts.  perfect for both dogs and cats.

Porland Pullover Dog Sweater   Any  Read More......

The Pet Advent Calendars

Ever wonder when and where the use of an Advent Calendar began and why.   Well December 1st is almost  here and that means the beginning of the Advent Calendar.  Now I know these calendars are mostly used for kids...but hey, aren't our furry babies our kids too?  

Of course they are.  

So, in honor of the Advent Calender and the beginning of the days leading up to the 25th of December, here are six great ideas for an Eco-Friendly Pet Advent Calendars to have ready our four legged friends.

Now the calendars below can definitely be used for both doggies or kitties.  Whether you decide to make one or buy one, we hope the calenders below will do the trick in helping you decide what type to use this year. 


Christmas Doggie Wreath  Advent  Read More......

It’s time to stop the negative myths about black cats

To know the story of the Black Cats you would have to go back hundreds and hundreds of years ago and still today some of those myths and superstitions still exist today.  Since Halloween is right around the corner, we decided to do some checking on how the poor little Black Cat got a bad rap in some parts of the world and in other parts held in high esteem.

The scoop on what's fact or fiction in the life of black cats

It seems a lot of people find the Black Cat a little bit mysterious; probably because of all the hype and myths that circulate about them. These articles will confirm some of those stories, but to my surprise they will add new insights on how some considered black cats to actually be good luck...yes, good luck! 

Did you know there are a couple of different kinds of  Read More......

Eco-Friendly Halloween Pet Costumes

No time for a DIY Halloween Costume for your pets...well don't worry there's plenty of them out there, some much more eco-friendly then others.  Below are six great looking Halloween costumes for our canine and feline babies.  One or two aren't perfectly eco-friendly because they are few and far between to find, but they are pretty darn close and all are made in the USA.  Afterall, it's just for a few hours, one day a year so let's just relax and enjoy the moment and have some fun with it.

  1. Bootiful Tank Dress  This adorable little number is perfect for either a dog or cat girls, because it comes in sizes XXS to L  But hurry if you want this one on time for the big day. Made with comfortable cotton and just a hint of lycra for a great fit.
  2. Boo Rhinestone Scarf  Easy and cute  Read More......

6 DIY Pet Halloween Costumes

I'm getting ready to make my own halloween costumes for our dogs. It's fun and can be easy (or not) depending on what type of costume you want to make.

I've put together a list of a few really adorable costumes that you can make with just a few items.

Easy & Comfy DIY Halloween Pet Costumes

  1. Howl-O-Hippie Dog Costume All that's needed is a small piece of fabric for bandana and leg wear.  Or, just the bandana is fine also.  If you can't find or don't have a piece sign get some colored oak tag at your local dollar store and cut some out.  They can be hot glued onto the scarf and by the way if you have an old tie die shirt that would be a perfect addition to this costume.
  2. Indian Cat Costume  This is a really cut outfit.  You'll find just about all your supplies in any craft  Read More......

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